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Video Gallery:

Please take your time to view these videos.  If you have any suggestions or wish to see a video on a particular knife related subject, feel free to visit our                    page with your suggestions.
Take-Down Skinner

A video show-casing a Take-Down construction skinner.

Ostrich Hide Inlaid Sheath Construction

A step-by-step slide show exhibiting the work involved in an inlaid leather sheath, hand-made by the smith to perfectly accompany the knife.

Heat Treating Jig Demo

This video shows a heat treating jig I use to ensure a proper heat treatment of the steel.

Forging BladeSmith Tongs: Part 1

In this video, I demonstrate the first part of how to forge a pair of Bladesmithing Tongs.

Forging Bladesmith Tongs: Part 2

In this video, I demonstrate the completion of how to forge a pair of Bladesmithing Tongs.

"Traveler" Blade Progression, Part 1

This video is Part 1 of the creation and development of the "Traveler" knife, created from heirloom knives, Camp de Cielo Meteorite, 1084, & 15N20 steel.

ABS JS Test Practice Blade

A video documentation of one of my ABS JS Performance Test practice blades. The blade in this video was heat treated exactly like my actual JS Performance Test Blade.

Forging a Hidden Tang Hunter

In this video of a Demonstration I did at the William F. Moran, Jr. Museum and Foundation, I explain the steps needed to forge a hidden tang hunting knife so that it will match a preconceived design.

Unveiling the New Sign

Unveiling the new sign at the William F. Moran, Jr., Museum & Foundation.

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