Individual Instruction

 I offer several classes which I teach in my shop in Hampstead, Md.  I offer individual, one-on-one instruction, which I adapt to each student's personal needs and requests.  Below I have listed the current class offerings accompanied by a description and cost.  I do not run a routine schedule of classes, but instead offer the classes "by request" on a first-come, first-served basis.  I also offer "unstructured" instruction so that a student is able to come and get whatever his/her needs may be.  I currently teach on weekends only, and you may request to "break-up" your 2 or 4 day class over more than one weekend if your schedule requires it.  You must be 21 or over to attend classes at my shop, unless I am able to make an exception due to special circumstances.  Due to the inherently dangerous nature of this pursuit, a Release is required to be signed in order to attend any class.  A 50% deposit is required at time of scheduling to reserve your space and materials.  If you wish to schedule a class, please contact me through the "Contact" link, or email me at

This is a 2 day class, during which the basic blacksmithing skills needed to forge a knife blade are taught.  NO KNIVES are made in this class, only the skills needed to forge a knife.  The student will learn coal forge and propane forge fire management, hammer control and techniques, creation of scrolls, hooks, and other projects as time allows.  

Cost: $425 (includes $25 materials fee)


Basic Knife Making

This is a 2 day class, during which the student will forge, rough grind, heat treat, finish grind, and put a handle on a full-tang, guardless knife.  This is a very condensed class and will give the student a taste of what it is to forge and complete a knife.  This class does not allow sufficient time to delve too deeply into theory, however, you will leave with a completed knife and knowledge of the process / techniques. 

Cost: $425 (includes $25 materials fee)


This 2 day class focuses solely on the forging of blades and does not include heat treatment or finishing.  This is a great class to really hone some blade forging skills.  You will forge as many blades as you wish during this class, learning: Proper forging temperatures, Forming the point, tapering the blade, forming the heel and plunge, drawing the blade bevels, and forging the handle for full and hidden tang knives.

Cost: $425 (includes $25 materials fee)

Bladesmithing 102

2 days of rough grinding, heat treatment, finish grinding, and hand-finishing the blades forged in Bladesmithing 101, or any blades you may have forged on your own.  Forged blades can also be purchased for this class.

Cost: $425 (includes $25 materials fee)

Bladesmithing 201

This is a 4 day class, which includes both Bladesmithing 101 & Bladesmithing 102.  Taking this combination will qualify you for a $50 discount!

Cost: $775 (includes $25 materials fee)

Handles & Guards

This is a 2 day class that goes in-depth into the subject of handles & guards.

Cost: $425 (includes $25 materials fee)

Hamons 101

This is a 2 day class in which students will receive in-depth instruction on the techniques used to create beautiful, active Hamons, as well as methods utilized to properly finish and bring-out the best in a Hamon.  Students will create and finish a hamon of his/her own design!

Cost: $450 (includes $50 materials fee)

Damascus 101

In this 2 day class, Forge welding theory and technique are taught, and the student will create a 1" x 1/4" x 12" bar of his/her own damascus!

Cost: $550 (includes $150 materials fee)

Sheath Making 101

This 2 day class will include instruction on the creation of both leather and kydex sheaths.  This will include instruction on inlays and blade retention as well. 

Cost: $425 (includes $25 materials fee)